In 1982, Nina Coltart gave a paper to the English-Speaking Conference of Psychoanalysts called "Slouching towards Bethlehem … or Thinking the Unthinkable in Psychoanalysis", which created a stir and brought her to the attention of the psychoanalytic community. Ten years later, she produced her first book - this book - which contained her seminal paper, alongside so many others of note.


This volume introduced Coltart's characteristic style of journeying through important issues in analytic practice. She elaborates on the use of intuition, the "special" attention required by an analyst, the value of silence, and of humour, and the importance of psychosomatic processes - the way the body speaks through psychosomatic symptoms. All vitally relevant today and positively groundbreaking at the time.

Slouching Toward Bethlehem, Nina Coltart

  • 9781912691432