A brilliantly funny picture book about seasons, written by Alice Hemming and illustrated by Nicola Slater.


Squirrel is so cross.

Yesterday there were loads of beautiful leaves on his tree, but today? Today some are missing and Squirrel is convinced that someone has stolen them...

there's a leaf thief on the loose!

Join Squirrel on a mission to find the culprit, and meet so many fun animals on the way, while you find out how the world takes on different colours as the months pass by. 


  • laugh-out-loud book about the changing seasons, with extra information in the back for especially curious minds
  • Perfect as a companion reader to children learning about seasons in school
  • A brilliant picture book that explores feelingsmoods and times where we feel out of control

The Leaf Thief, Alice Hemming

  • ISBN 9781407191447

    Pages: 29

    H: 27cm W: 25cm  D: 0.6cm