Paperback edition, signed by the author.


 In 1958, Sylvia Blackwell, fresh from one of the new post-war Library Schools, takes up a job as children's librarian in a run down library in the market town of East Mole. Her mission is to fire the enthusiasm of the children of East Mole for reading. But her love affair with the local married GP, and her befriending of his precious daughter, her neighbour's son and her landlady's neglected grandchild, ignite the prejudices of the town, threatening her job and the very existence of the library with dramatic consequences for them all. The Librarian is a moving testament to the joy of reading and the power of books to change and inspire us all.

The Librarian, Salley Vickers, Signed

  • ISBN 9780241330234

    Pages: 400

    H:20 cm W: 13cm D: 2.6cm


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